Yahiko03's Reviews & Ratings

The drawing is not consistent. I wished it was better drawn. I'm not feeling this manga
Wow, this girl is a complete idiot!! This first chapter felt a bit off and uncool
Yes. This looks interesting and very very different. The storyline is awesome!
Dang this sexy demon didn't waste anytime. I give this a 5 star because DANG HE IS A SEXY DEMON !!
That professor is very interesting. He's so dedicated to his job and his love for human anatomy, that's it's a bit creepy. But who cares, he's freakin handsome!!
Wow, Can't wait for more chapters!!
I'm done. The romance is getting nowhere and they are so busy focused on the other guy. Not only that, we have to wait months for another chapter to come out. This manga is overrated. It was getting good up until now
I Wish they drew the female more sexier while she is having sex. She just look awkward and unsexy to me
Don't think I will be finishing this manga. Can't stand the obsessed fan girl thing and the female sleeps around just because she think that's all she can do to help save something or someone. Come on, she's 30 already and she still don't get it.
Uuumm, I'm not sure if I can continue to reading this. If the female is so insecure about her breast size and frustrated because that's all men want, then she should have some self control and don't sleep with them on the first day you meet them. Love your self first and take it slow. This is too rushed
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