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Overall I liked it. I did feel that the ending was a little weak. May be a better rental for people though
Two stars because the story feels incomplete.
This is is a complete story. There was an extra page in the end that if you read the story though, you will note that it ties into the story (big spoiler so not saying more about it). I am guessing this is what the other review was talking about as it was just a quick thought, and really not nessary in the skeem of things I buy what I read, as renting is not for me but I would say this is worth the rental cost
I would have liked it better if the boy was at least 18. I do not really care for an adult / minor match up.
Agree with the above review. The kid is not cute. He reminds me of Shin Chan. Only I found him to be annoying not funny. But putting him aside, cause I did not hate the kid. The over all story was good. I always buy but money wise worth the rental cost imo
Maybe some what of a Spoiler.... I read all that has come out thus far, and they been engaging, it leaves you wanting to know what going to happen next. I also love the art work. However, I do fear the story line is taking a turn in a Direction I don't care for personally. I do not enjoy psycho stalker type story lines which I fear is what this is turning into. I know I would like a heads up when a story line is about stalkers or forced sex when possible so I can avoid them. So take my review based on that, cause like I said otherwise it is engaging with good art, which is why I gave it 5 stars. I am invested into this so I hope it turns back around. Will edit or add a New review if it dose.
It is a cute story, but felt it was a little to short to completely enjoy
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