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That was great! I genuinely laughed out loud. What's not to love - great humour, men in suits, steamy scenes. Also spoiler (not so much though): the author has included a nice alegory of their relationship in Eiji's progressive removal of clothing. So the manga's also deep y'all.
That was cuuuute. The art can be a little uneven at times, but nothing that had distracted me enough to put me off. The male MC actually has sadistic tendencies (I feel like a lot of mangas don't understand the concept very well). So what the hell, I enjoyed myself and I'll give 5 full start.
Short and sweet and not so obscene as the title says (which in my opinion is a good thing).
It's fun manga like all works of Mitsuru Wakana. Drawings are nice, overall athmosphere is cute and fluffy, but it doesn't cross the boundary of becoming saccharine.Oh, and I'm not big on verticomix, but this has to do since I can't buy normal version permanently.
I don't know if I can fully recommend it - the pacing is pretty awkward, characters behaviour don't make much sense - especially the girl, she seems like a brat. At least the drawings are nice.
Overally, adorable read. I really enjoyed that. The second story [spoiler] is more of a tear jerker
I thought that this one shot is going to be about one story, but it's two! I was kinda disappointed cause I believe that the fist one was a bit rushed... And also the characters were very likeable, too bad that it hadn't escalated to a longer story.
I love this manga! Love the interaction between main characters, love the designs and actually funny comedy. Looking forward to the next chapter!
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