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I really liked this story, I was waiting on the update. Thanks for your hard work
I didn't understand why he was basically on the brink of death if he didn't get laid but other than that I liked the story. Thank for your hard work
I like this story way better than the bunny one...
I wish you did a little more with the main story. I liked the side stories.
I really liked this story! The side story was nice too(maybe go more into that story) would love to read that!
I really enjoyed your story; I about turn to mush reading the last side story! He went back in time to get the love of his life back and say what he been holding back
This story was crazy, all they went through just to end up with each other away... I loved it, everything about this story! Maybe another side story but other than that cause I just want more
I really enjoyed these stories of finding love/ when one most deserving finds love it's awesome! It was kinda cool dude falling in love with his favorite voice actor. I think I'm more Into he bottom character though.
I wasn't expecting that the title story would be second so I was kinda disappointed... I really like how they end up together but why did sex have gateway to getting Ryo to love him!???? Nice story doe
Best one hands down (hella tease) lol
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