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Cute one-shot. I really like the God!
Good side dish.I've been following this author for a while now so I'm so happy that there's an english version of their works! I wish it was longer :(
Good side dish, but that's it. It's pwp btw, you can see it from the cover so I'm not gonna judge it by plot. I wish they have bar censorship instead od lightabers though.
Chiyoka deserve better. I was so happy to see a strong MC, but she fell in love so soon for some unexplicable reason. This have so much potential but it dissappointingly fell short. 3 star for Chiyoka, but I wish she'd found another guy that will treat her better.
This doesn't strike me as MOEE because it's not my kink (cute uke that goes "iyaa~n >A<)
Wrote a long one but accidentally submit reset soo1 word: PERFECTION
I LOVE it mainly for the comedic factor + meme material. It's not deep, complex nor super sexy but it's damn hilarious. I feel this mangaka have potential to create the next mahou shouho ore, this manga reminds me of the BL manga by the mangaka of mahou shoujo ore. Recommended for people who want a good laugh.
Adorbs and fluffy. Characters are interesting, and while it does make use of cliche tropes, it still feel charming enough. The second pairing.... i think their romance is a bit rushed, and I'd prefer each pairing to have their own volume so they can be fleshed out some more but it's already quite good as a sweet snack.
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