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WOWEE~! This series seems to be hitting some of my weak points... two-faced male lead, great art, sexy steamy scenes... the first chapter is *chef's kiss* I am super excited to see how this series progresses. I also really enjoy the female lead. And that revelation at the end of the first chapter, though...!? *fans self*
A promising start! I first saw an image from this series from one of the other series and was intrigued so I am happy it got released!! So far the art is cute and not too much happens in the first chapter but it promises to go a bit spicy in the future... if you know what I mean. ;)The overarching plot of this series seems interesting so I hope they will build on it in future chapters. Can't wait to read more!
OH MY GOSH, this has to be one my favorite manga on this site! I was hesitant to purchase this because even for an anthology, $8.00 is pretty pricey. BUT IT'S SO WORTH IT! The art is gorgeous and really well-done, the sex is steamy, and a certain work-around for the censoring issue was actually a bit of a surprise! ;) The stories are very cute and wrap up pretty nicely; they could be longer but it's not as if it's super abrupt like some manga on here. I actually laughed a lot while reading this! I found it refreshing how the manga-ka wrote the male characters. A lot of them embraced a more feminine side to themselves (at least I think I am wording my thoughts correctly) and I enjoyed it a lot! The female characters were also written well (not annoying or weak), and at some points took the lead sexually which I do enjoy seeing in manga like this. I hope they bring more of this manga-ka's work if there is more. Her blurbs in the extra was too funny! Overall, definitely worth the price!
These are relatively short and sweet stories, with some feeling more rushed than others. The first story feels especially rushed. Not to spoil too much but the conflict wasn't resolved clearly enough... it gave me the impression that the main male in the first story isn't genuine with the main female. However, it just ends. The other stories are better in comparison in my opinion, though. The sex scenes are kind of repetitive throughout all stories (goes through the same order pretty much). Not bad for a quick read, but not memorable to keep permanently. I wish I just rented this instead.
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