Shathisaperera's Reviews & Ratings

I read it all and it was KAWAAAAAI!
It is short but it is also a romance...not that much to read but... well... it's okay...
Cute and sweet... loved both the stories...
Sweet and cute... well... spoiler* the girl ends up with Kai...
Umm... well... it was alright... I loved reading it...
It was cute, sweet, romantic and really really really lovely... Best friend or not, the guy being so possessive is so cute and the girl wanting to do at least something small for the guy was great... She gets embarrassed way too easily but still the guy is worth it all!
I loved this story... It was sweet and so cute... I wished the story had an extended ending but still... It was really good! Great work!
Cute, sweet, romantic and what not!? It was so good to read it and think how the girl's feelings changed... Sadly is has only three volumes... I wish there was more to read but I'm still satisfied with this...
It was really beautiful! I loved the 27 year old real wife which was the soul, she was so funny and amazing and she was so cute as the real wife! I loved the entire story and it was really nice reading it! Great work done by the artists! Keep up the good work!
It was alright... it had something good in it... not very deep but... it was fine...
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