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It was so cute and heartwarming. Hope there's a second book.
Not bad. I only read chp 2. Arts nice. I usually go for smut when reading yaoi. So it's that for sure.
So bad. What a waste of money! Thought I'd read it cause someone said the sex scenes were great. Wrong. When there is sex nothing is seen. Nothing! Ugh! Another thing to note is that they are shorts.
The translation was horrible. It was like a fan did it. It's only $3 for 90 so pages so I'm not crying over it. The last story was good. A better translation would give it one more star.
Wow! I don't know what to say. It was great! I can't wait for more. At the end of the chapter I wanted to cry with the kid.
This book gots two stories. I liked both but the second one was my favorite.
The art was great and the story was predictable. Still good for a rent.
Smut. Not bad.
Funny. It was all over the place. It annoyed me at first but it just keep getting funnier.
The main story I loved!
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