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Firstly, I have to say that, personally, I am Makoto Itsuki sensei's fan, although I haven't read all sensei's works because I can only buy sensei's works in English and my mother language. XD So I can be quite biased and please forgive me for that. lol. There are 4 stories and some of them are supernatural. All of them are rom-com which you can sit and relax reading them. Makoto Itsuki sensei loves jokes and if you want any deep development of characters or some serious common sense, this one (or sensei's other works, as far as I have read) is not for you. As for the art, you can check the sample pages, of course, is to my liking and sensei's chibi is so adorable. All in all, the stories are nothing special or new, but they are hilarious and have this funny yet cute vibe I found unique, the kind that tells me
Everything feels too rush even for me who actually doesn't mind the pacing. I finished reading in a flash. ^^;; There are one long story about the main couple and another one short about the second couple. Both stories could have been a lot better with some more details on the characters, both main and side ones, as well as the plot. The main Seme (the sensei), in fact, has a really interesting characters but the author made it so "light" I ended up thinking like "WHAT?" after finished the whole series... This seems too "empty" imo. If you want to kill time, then go for it. However, I recommend renting it for 48 hours first or you will feel some sort of regrettable feeling like me.
[My real rating: actually 4.5 out of 5] There are two stories that both couples are all friends in this series. The main story is an adorable story about childhood friends who reunited you can find anywhere; however, the comedy as well as the expression of characters, both main and side characters, are really well and cutely drawn. For me, the fluffiness, the lovable art, and the idiot couple who are silly(?) lovey-dovey together, which are all I need in a pure fluff with no too serious dramas manga, are what make this series special. I always love how I get to see what they are like after they became lovers. I actually wanted to give it 4.5 but the rating on Renta! doesn't allow me to. ^^;; The minus 0.5 points are because of the second story which, imo, seems "out of nowhere." I would like to know more about the second couples. All in all, this is not so deep type of series. If you like fluff and really cute art like me, this is totally worth it. This is my first manga on Renta! so this is my first review here. Hehe~ I want to write some review since I find other readers' opinions very useful for making decision to buy, I can't really put my words well, tho. Lol. But I enjoy reading this and I'll definitely read it again. Hope this will help you make you decision and enjoy reading!
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