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I really enjoyed this series and I love the characters so much!! I felt for the heroine when the grand life in the city she was hoping for, as a girl from the country, wasn't as she expected because she just ends up just trying to make ends meet (#relatable). I like how she is headstrong and seeking a life for himself and is not just doing what others is telling her to do. I also really like the love interest as he is very cute and genuinely loves her. I understand how people may find her cold by pushing the male away, but he legit just showed up in her home and said that he was going to get her pregnant so, I understand why she was gross out at first. However, their romance is progressing and I cant wait to see how it goes.
I love the others author's works so I was very excited to see a new series form them! It is a very cute series and I can not wait to see more. I love the fact that the heroine is a delinquent, because there is not a whole lot of diversity in the types of female characters sometimes, so it is very refreshing to see that. The male character is adorable, but based on what was hinted in the first chapter and the title there is definitely more to him. Overall a great first chapter that I recommend to others!
I haven't brought a manga quicker on this site than this manga right here. I am soooo happy this manga has been translated I been waiting and hoping for so long! I have a feeling that this one is going to be one of my favorites.The art is so beautiful (as you can tell by the cover) and the story is very cute, sweet and interesting. It's about a girl who her deceased father gave her an android to keep her company. The male android is adorable and really cares and loves the female protagonist. The female character is not your typical pushover, and I love her banter with the guy based on the first chapter. Overall, I 100% recommend this series if you want a cute love story with smut in it and with great art.
I really love this series, the art is amazing and the story is fun and enjoyable to read. Though the story containing a love triangle and relationships with step-siblings, isn't anything new or special in the general of TL/Love manga, this series manage to make it very enjoyable that you have to know what happens next. I cant wait till there are more chapters.
I saw this on the Japanese's renta website and I was hoping that it would be translated, it seems like my prayer has been answered! I absolutely love the female lead, because she is relatable and hilarious. The male lead is also equally funny and I love how he isn't your typical perfect or asshole love interest, but rather he is kinda awkward, which I love some much. The art is also great, the smut is good and the relationship is so cute. I can't wait to see more of these characters and their relationship!
I really love this story! It's very different from your typical love comic. The characters are very likable, though I wished that the second female and her manager had their own story (they seem like they would be very cute together). Overall a great read!
This story is very very cute and fluffy! If you are looking for a sweet and romantic story with equally sweet smut scenes, than I definitely recommend this series. The characters are so adorable and caring to one another and also the art is so beautiful.
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