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Read the first 3 chapters and probably gonna call it quits because they were almost exactly the same. Let's do it at your place, then my place and then a hotel. 60%+ pages of sex meanwhile the remaining is a split between actual story and their relationship (i.e. them talking to each other). I will say, though, this IS one of the few series where everything's 100% consensual, the FL is honest, enjoys it and acknowledges it (whereas with others, they're always dub/non-con or being dishonest) which is a rare find. I still can't get over how things started up in the first chapter though.. Really struggling with this one.
Art is pretty - came across this from another series by the same mangaka but that's it's only redeeming quality. The story's shallow and follows all the other cliche stories about what a FL would put up with for the sake of money. It's sort of a reversed harem with lies and hidden truths. The FL is easily swayed by the fact the ML looks familiar. As a previous review mentioned, consent is kinda there but then there's non-con angry/jealousy screwing, which leaves a bad aftertaste. Sure, there were apologies and some can defend it by saying "it's because XXX love them THAT much," but we're beyond that trope at this point and I've read way more better stories about how couples confront these kinds of situations. Spoiler alert - she said "I'm gonna quit if I feel uncomfortable" but that never happened...the FL really is weak.
If I had to sum it up in one word, this story is wholesome. The ML was kind of prickly at first but is a total tsundere - these two are completely doting lovers - it's so cute. They always think of each other first. Although there were a number of misunderstandings, they don't last very long and get resolved relatively quickly. If I had to provide some constructive criticism, firstly - I'm not sure how the whole "swordsmith" theme comes into play and was hoping it would be better weaved through the story. For example, the FL is learning about it but it doesn't go anywhere beyond that. It would of probably done fine without it. Secondly, the ML has quite some backstory from his past, his family and up to the point he meets the FL but the FL has literally nothing. It's as if the story was developed w/ the ML then the FL was added in to complete said story. I wish the FL had more development or some kind of a backstory.
Lots of potential based off the first ch. The FMC has a pretty solid backstory as being an independent woman who puts her passion for work before love. That being said, she's still human and have feelings and can get hurt - pretty realistic and relatable. Even though it's only the first ch, the story is cleanly written...it doesn't feel sloppy or have things come in from left field like other stories that feel like someone's wild fantasy. There's a lot more we'd like to know about the MMC but for now, he's a gentleman, always consenting first before doing anything. He knows he's cute and uses it to his advantages. Can't wait for the next ch.
Non-con. This is really weird...I give it to the FMC to still make jokes when she should really be worried about something else. Not sure what I was hoping for, honestly..but not reading any more after this.
There were definitely twists that keeps makes you doubt what direction the story was headed so it keeps things interesting. The FMC is a real flake and pushover though...so it was getting annoying because she was so indecisive.
Story about the FMC rediscovering what being a couple and in love is, as she's only been with one other and hasn't completely gotten over him. She gets drunk one night after a failed attempt with a matchmaking service and the MMC who's been interested in her for a while jumps at the chance to console her. He's thoughtful, considerate and offers to be her boyfriend so she can make better memories. He's pushy at first as a means get her attention because he never existed in her field of vision prior to meeting. After that, he's a total gentleman. Plots where the guy/girl offers themselves as a stand-in, in hopes to get the other party to fall for them when they're still trying to get over their ex are sometimes annoying because you feel for the them when nothing's reciprocated. I was worried at first but the FMC properly looks at him <3
The story's interesting, though I wish we'd meet the FMC and MMC's parents - would of added more dynamic to the story. The two seem to be well matched for one another. It would also be nice if the story could further explore each MC's passion and how they propel towards it more...for the MMC, it came out of the blue and for the FMC, it was mentioned but nothing really changed. The ending was completely cut short - I wanted some closure!
Sometimes all you want is just a story full of fluffy love. Somehow this hits in all the right spots - it's making me float on clouds! The MMC is so considerate of the FMC and loves her wholeheartedly. They're SO cute ugh!!Agree that the ending was too quick. There were still so much to to be told: (1) they should of discussed their upbringing since they share similar situation despite being of different social status. (2) I wish the MMC would change out of his typical clothes and wear something casual. (3) It would be nice to have a little more background on the MMC except the typical one that he repeated 2-3 times throughout...like where's the grandpa or what work do you do? What makes you so known?
I'm a little conflicted. The plot is HILARIOUS. Basically, the female MC's fantasy man is living with her IRL but he's the complete opposite from the game she plays. He's foul-mouthed and calls the female MC out as he sees it. The female MC has zero interest in IRL men and rather get it on seeing some Yaoi with the male MC...and he's constantly reminded of it and always reacts in total disgust. It's also written with some thought bubbles for the male MC so you can see from his PoV which is thoughtful. There's dub/non-con, however...which kind of came out of the blue... it happened as if it were normal - what the heck? Though there was some remorse after-the-fact, I hope the comedy continues true and strong throughout the series and that the female MC doesn't turn soft and weak later on.
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