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This is upsetting the fact they everyone is walking all over the Female Mc even her family using her as replacement. I kind of feel bad for her because I know this is going to backfire at her. She need some back bone and learn to say "No" or "Enough is Enough"
If your into childhood sweet heart story this is the one for you. The characters had pretty stolid personalities, you have female mc she is quite outgoing and is a hard worker despite being forced to live in poverty. While the Male mc is the opposite quite and soft spoken. The second male lead I'm guessing is the older brother who I hope doesn't fall in love with the female lead which I have a feeling it's going to go that route. To be honest I like his character much more than I thought I would lol and I don't want him to be heartbroken afterwards. Lol
So realistic and fun too read! not as much hot scenes but still very enjoyable!!
It's good but I don't really like the fact that she fell in love so fast...but overall it's still pretty good, you have a strong MC and a quite and emotionless Man which makes an interesting combo.
I always wanted to read a mafia or gang related stories it's pretty good lol
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