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I think what ultimately sold this manga to me was the art. Unohana's artstyle is so sensual and expressive. This is not her best work and the story overall wasn't original or groundbreaking but it was written relatively well. I mostly enjoyed it for the WWII aesthetic and the bittersweet vibe. Also for the nice sex scenes.
That was sweet and heartwarming. It's so important for people to have those who accept and understand us for who we are and that's what these two kids portray. I wish there was more. Spoiler alert, I'm not sure about the summary's accuracy in gendering one of the characters though.
I'll be honest, the cover and the art is what grabbed me about this book. It's an anthology which means the first story is standalone while the others are loosely connected. I kind of wished the stories were fleshed out more because I do enjoy the relationships. I also really liked the sex scenes, they were really erotic and sweet.
That was a pleasant surprise! This was a solid romance that I can recommend to just about anyone. I like that the characters actually talk and communciate with each other instead of getting into a thousand misunderstandings.. I'm gonna check out this author's other works now.