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Woaa! It's a super fun to read our FL's really a damn straight forward fujoshi is on high level xD! Seriously?? Can you go around and just ask a random guy to let them show his *****?? Naaaa! I'd be embarrass asf*ck! Hahahaha! Well deserved a 5star for me. The Art is pretty good and i like them both. Thank you renta :)
Waaaaaah! Why so shooort! This is what we're looking for in every smut manga T.T a total of happy ending vibes and at least with kids.. So damn beautiful! I'll re'read this one again and again. Thank you renta kun :)
This one iss cute xD i like both characters in the story. It's warm and kind fluffy to me thank you renta.
Interesting xD this series is unbelivable but i love it that much! Please mooooore....thank you so much xD
Well deserved a 5star!! Art is awesome, the story is pretty good.. Mc's really Hawt!! I love thiiiiis soo much.. I hope to read more for this!
I like this couples, they're good together and i like how the story begins.
Oh, this one is pretty good XD i like the fc's potentials and amazing work.. Please more.
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