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Waaaaaaah! What a bittersweet this manga is.. T.T can't stop crying it's really hurt! I hope they'll meet or seen each other. I wish this manga ended so well with a happy ending. Thanks erenta for bringing this wonderful manga here
Yeeeeees! It's finally heeeeere T.T ive been eyeing this one in raws and wishing to read in engvers because i really love yamamoto sama works waaaaahhh! Thank you renta for bringing this one here xD expected the hot scenes is erotic as ever later yay!
Awwww! This is suuuuper cute ::>_<:: and it's childhood lovestory yay! I love iiiit.. So sad that it end so soon awwww... But, it is all good ~T_T~
Awwww! This is really sweet xD i really like this type of pure lovestory. Why did i read this soo late T.T one more thing, the Art is gorgeous! Deserved a 5star!
YESS!! Finalllllllllllllly it is heeeeeere waaaaaahhh! T.T Ive been crazy waiting for this one to read in english waaaah! This was really a goooooood historical T.T you may like it swear guys.... I really love the FMC's character and how the story begins with! Thank you so much for slowly bringing lots of beautiful raws here and read it finally in engvers T.T thank you very much. Looking for mooooore chaptersssss yay!
Wow! Childhood friend love storrrrrrry. I'm iiiin xD yay! I love love this and it's in colored wow! How fascinating. Why did i read this soo late.. Well deserved a 5star.
Well deserved a 5star! I really love this manga so muuch! I love how the story begins and the art is very welldrawn and every hot scenes... I can't get enough! Thanks for this
OHMYGOD!! This is another level age gap story paaaaaace... And it is my most tag ever. T.T thank you erenta for bringing up this one as well. It's highly recommended swear!! Because older guy is way HAWT! Deserved to have a 5star! XD
Hahaa! Interesting.. Honestly, ive been craving for this type of storypace! I like this manga and wishing to read more like this! Yay!! Art is good too.. Thanks guys
OMG! It's finally heeeeeeere T.T thank you sooo much erenta sama. I was looking forward for this one to be translated in engvers T.T because this one is pretty good! Ive been collecting this even in raws now, i can read it in english T.T thank you so so much...
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