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I've read all 7 parts of the colour vertix version currently published, and had just a peek at the manga version, so I don't spoil the story for myself too much. Although it's not a sex-fest, the story has me totally hooked, and it looks like things will only get more interesting!! The main characters are just plain adorable, the more I read, the more I like them. I shall definitely be continuing reading, and since the manga currently has 11 chapters and is still ongoing,, that means a least a total of 22 vertex chapters... Can't wait!!
As I write this I've just purchased chapter 9, pretty much as soon as it was released... that's how much I love this story!! The female lead is ditzy and adorable, and the male lead is grumpy on the outside, but bittersweet like dark chocolate on the inside. Why do I say bittersweet... because he does get annoyed with the female lead when she does stupid stuff, and is being a total airhead, (I'm not saying she's stupid, she just sees the world differently, and does stuff that make you go OMG, like 'accidentally' stalking the male lead), and ends up letting out his mild S side, teasing the female lead thoroughly to completion. This also humorously lead to him being left hanging in their first encounter, when the female lead ditches him as soon as she got the data she needed!! LOL The side characters are also good... the female editor obviously cares for her writer, but every time she tries to 'help' she just seems to make matters worse, but because she is oblivious to her failures, she continues to try to do a good deed. The male editor is a really nice guy, who has been firmly 'friend-zoned' by the female lead and knows it, but still he perseveres!! It's good that he has made the male lead jealous, and aware of his feelings, but he's also the type of guy you want to see get a happy ending... just not with the female lead!! XD In short, excellent characters, good storyline, hot sex scenes, what's not to love!!
I rented this in the sale, but please do not let that affect your decision to rent this book, it is well worth the points! I will say that this is one emotional story... it deals with issues with disability, and mental health, and is one bumpy ride!! As someone who became disabled after an accident I can truly say that the male lead's reactions are spot on, and it also deals with his brother's mental issues, and his own reactions to those issues very well, (it is often difficult to believe badly of a family member). Oh, and the whole pool scene... I almost needed to fan myself!! XD
I got this during the sale, but please don't let that influence you, this is a really excellent read! Firstly this was much hotter than I was expecting, several hot kissing scenes, and one almost sex scene with the MC just in t-shirt and panties, whilst the male lead is biting the hem of her t-shirt... I almost had to fan myself!! LOL But more that anything I loved the story, I am a big classic car buff myself, and I loved the female car mechanic thing, plus it was sweet and funny too... and they should call the kid Porsche, cause that is actually a girl's name. XD
I rented this in the sale, but don't let that fact put you off, this is a book that is well worth reading!The male lead is a bit of a jerk at first, as he had some preconceptions of the MC, but he soon realises that she is a real down-to-earth sweetheart who's not afraid of hard work, drama happens as in all good stories, and the last scene gets a huge two thumbs up from me, classics never get old!
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