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I don't usually read beast-people stories but I love this author so I gave it a try. Now I think every guy should have fluffy balls that look like a bunny tail. The main story is good, but I really love the “Straight Man” chapters. Hiro and Tatsuya are a great couple. Their relationship seems real. They joke around like best friends do but also develop a real understanding of each other, and their sex scenes are passionate. This was worth the purchase just for them.
Sweet and sexy! The initial premise is a bit silly, but the characters' motivations for the contract actually make more sense the more you learn about them. The art is good. There is a panel where one is leaning on his hand looking at the other with half-closed eyes that is so sexy I kept going back to look at it. Also, there was one line that made me laugh out loud more than usual when reading manga. The sister says it. If you read this, see if you can guess which it was.
It was OK. The main character has never experienced good sex, never orgasmed. She gets some tips from the experienced men around her, but I wish there had been more to it. They tell her how to communicate with her partner, but someone should have suggested she learn to please herself so she'd know what she likes. Maybe she should have gotten tips from a woman too. The art isn't my style but was OK. Like her sex with her first boyfriend, it was just meh.
I liked the story and the art, which can be rare for me. The mangaka draws elegant lines. There is a panel where the couple are pressed together that has beautiful curved lines that express their compatibility. The expressions are also good. There is a drawing of the brother in 3/4 profile that is beautiful and the sweep of his lash line perfectly conveys his impish character. I love a combination of character and art, and the love story is unexpectedly cute for a vampire story.
I'm so happy I bought this one! The facial expressions are so good; they express passion, lust and love and tenderness. They make the sex scenes better. There are also some genuine laughs here. I love this couple, and I will reread this one.
It's pretty good but so unresolved. The other chapters aren't available yet, so it may be a long wait for the couple to get together. The main characters are sweet guys and the art is pretty good. The artist is good at loving looks and looks of yearning.
Sweet and sexy. The art is great. The faces are very expressive. You can see what they are feeling from the look in their eyes. The characters' personalities are realistic. A very nice love story that is just steamy enough too.
The title is incredibly silly, so I had to try this manga. I'm so happy I did! This has everything I Iike. There are plenty of naughty scenes, and it's both men with women and men with men, so I didn't even have to choose! The men adore Alto in either form, which is sweet. And, there is a redemptive character arc for the
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