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The story was quite complicated and interesting, sometimes I have to go back to previous pages to find the related conversation. The sex scenes a bit too furious and sadist hahahha but I still love this and worthed to buy
Great story, beautiful art, hot scene, I'm full hearted give 5 stars, lol. Tomoru and Rinka, they fight furiously and make love passionately, they say sweet as well as nasty words bluntly to each other which show they are equal. I can't stop reading and ended bought almost all the other story hahahha...
Damn, this manga was great and full of hot scene from the very start. This Leopard series are one of my favourite. The art also the most beautiful. The relationship between two hot strong guy is so steamy, I can't stop reading this series over and over again. I bougt the other Leopard white paper , seriously both of them also damn good!! Will check another host stories as well. Very worthy to pay.
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