Nasuada's Reviews & Ratings

I liked the story about Satoshi and Kakeru so I had to read this to see where it started.
I liked the story and the art but not the ending. I thought it was too rushed.
I really like the story but I don't like the ending. It doesn't feel like the story is resolved…
I really enjoy this cute slow burn story. I can't wait to see what happens to the king that kicked her out does.
I think that they tried to squeeze too many tropes into such a short series that everything was rushed and at times a bit confusing. I think if it was maybe 2 more issues longer, at least, it would be better. I think that this story has potential but that it didn't quite hit the mark.
Good story… bad ending. There's almost zero closure.
I really enjoyed the story it was a cute D/s story but I think that the ending was a bit rushed.
They are SOOO cute. There were also a bunch of times when I was laughing out loud. It was funny how the manager was all in from the start. He was all like, "This is perfect. Keep it up!" We all know he was thinking the whole time, "What the hell took you two so long!" This story is so pure. Don't want to gush too much more for fear of throwing out too many spoilers.
I enjoy a good Dom/ sub verse and this one does not disappoint. I especially like the dynamic between Kyoya and Sota. Super cute!
I had read this somewhere else before and I really enjoyed it. I love how he's just like ok lets go that. Super cute.