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BUYITBUYITBUYIT. This is a great omegaverse story, but really just romance/manga in general. The characters, their developments, the romance...so good. And the art. Part 4 can't come too soon TT this is the best money I've spent here.
I have no reason to not give 5 stars TTI won't lie...I read this out of curiosity. I just had to know what this would look like. Idt I would reread it, but the art was good and it was cute along with being very smutty. I didn't think I would agree to wanting/be willing to read more chapters.. but I would. I root for their happiness! It doesn't necessarily need to be more than 1 chapter, but I think a cute story could be fleshed out in 3-5.
The art is good for a Harlequin novel! That's what made me want to try it. It's basically a little one shot soap. You already know it will be a happy ending and the issue resolves relatively quickly, so you get a chance to know the characters a bit. Character development is good and female lead is strong. I won't be rereading it (and I wish I was like a dollar less haha) but I can't say it's bad, the art was good and the story ok.
A very rough start TTI agree with the other reviews. It was difficult for me to do the first two chapters but the high review convinced me to try another one or two and IM SO GLAD I DID. This is one of the most qholesome stories ever, and probably could claim bring in my top 10 for online (smutty, or maybe otherwise) manga I've read. I thought the title was cliché and the first two chapters really weren't it but...I honestly wonder if it would be better start on 3 or 4/halfway through, finish the series, then go back to read the first 2 so they aren't so grinding. I'll definitely be rereading this.
So cute! Mashiro can only get a good night's sleep when hugging Haru :> very cute, wholesome plot with cute art. The second scenes are sweet too! It ended kind of abruptly but...I like to think it's well insinuated that they live "happily ever after." I'll be rereading this one for sure.
It's the perfect story. I can't wait to reread it! The attractive guys, the love story, the character development, the plot..10/10
A little short and to the point, but cute and enjoyable. I don't regret spending 6$ on it :>
Very aggro dub/con if you're into that. As expected, pretty much just hard smut.
I'd say it's ok. There are some cute moments but overall a little lack luster? I agree that the chapters are short for what you get. I'm also not a fan of the ambiguous age difference, and the conclusion is a bit too up in the air for me. If there were to be a pt.2/continuation I don't think I'd invest in it. I wouldn't call it wholesome fluff overall nor does it have any really mature scenes - I'd say this is suitable for 16+ casual read (but for that, it's kind of overpriced). I won't be rereading it
Sooooooooooo good. I LOVE Gender benders and this one is absolute aces. The art and story and sex scenes...I want to know how it ends but don't want it to end! Chapters can't come out fast enough ?