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Cute and realistic kind of love instead of the illogical and dangerous idealised/fetishised romanticism that is rampant in the BL/Yaoi genre is a huge bonus for me. But, where are the quality control people and the proofreader? Seriously, there are so many missing words, bizarre "can't decide on the verb tense so we'll use both" and extra letters changing the word to something wrong, it's hard to believe the copy was approved. This needs ago-over and some grammar adjustments, then it's five stars.
This is a cute story, filling my void for fluffy and sweet stories; however, as this is a Chinese Webcomic there are no smexy scenes and has censored kisses. It's slightly more expensive here on Renta, but at least I own the chapters and don't have to deal with Tap** and their awful wait until free, can't buy the chapters thing. I have to knock a star off for spelling errors and missing words in this translation; it's still legible, but the errors are quite obvious.
This has to be one of the most refreshing manga I have read in a long time. It's not what many expect from BL these days; there is one censored kiss in the bonus and that's it. You don't know how GRATEFUL I am that this isn't one of the the "over-the-top trendy, far-too-common, sexually unrealistic, dubious consent p**n in every single chapter with no actual storyline" graphic novels. This is a sweet, slow burn that actually allows the characters to grow, learn about each other, and explore the possibilities of being with someone of the same sex. There isn't any pressure, mind games, being sexually forceful, coercion or a forceful pairing. I recommend this as an entry to the BL genre, or as a palette cleanser from all of the explicit sex that seems to be what the genre is about these days.
TL;DR - tropetastic smut-oriented omegaverse with some decent story arcs and an abrupt ending.First trope: it's an omegaverse, fated-pair scenario. Second is how the omega comes from another world. Third, all alphas have animal ears and a bestial nature. Fourth, it is a European-style kingdom, but with airships. Fifth, alpha is a royal. Half a star is knocked off for too much focus on gratuitous smut in nearly every chapter instead of on the story. It has some decent arc beats, but ultimately I need to knock off the other half of a star for the rather abrupt ending. For me personally (mileage will vary by reader), it was so unsatisfying. There was conflict resolution, and then, boom, series over.There is no reason given for the fortune-teller to be in the omega's original world. There is no epilogue with either a comedic finding out about having children or an "x years later" glimpse at how things are.Rent, then decide if you want to buy, especially with that ending.