Profesora's Reviews & Ratings

Naodoka can hear the true intentions of the men she has sex with, and most are after her family wealth. One night, her bodyguard and childhood friend offers to share his true thoughts with her. Even though he loves her, he doesn't think himself worthy of her. It's a sweet story and has a unique art style. The story is plot heavy, but the smut scenes in the first few chapters are *chef's kiss*.
Very cute! We see a lot into the MC's head and why he's a "player". Unlike other series, the FC is devoted and skilled in her work, and I loved seeing how the MC appreciates that about her and they actually have conversations about it. It's not as spicy as some other series, but it was a short, sweet story. It doesn't hurt that the MC is hot, too.
I don't like sub/dom stories because they always feel abusive, BUT this is nothing like that! I really loved this story where the whole point is that the dom wants to be loving consensual, and a bit kinky. There's great conversation about safe words and respecting boundaries. The characters are so cute and sweet, and for a sub/dom story, it's pretty funny at points. Big fan! Recommend buying not renting??
Very cute art! The ML had such cute expressions, and the FL is cute and likable. Steamy, consensual smut??
Only a few chapters in, but this is a great series so far. The FL has her insecurities based on real issues women have about their bodies being compared to beautiful porn stars or celebrities. Everything with the ML is consensual, and he asks her what she wants and stops the moment she says "stop". Very refreshing to see! Overall, a cute (but still sexy) series!
I love everything about this series! The FMC is funny and unapologetic in the best of ways, and the series is so relatable for women in their 30s. The series is all about how to communicate better with your partner in bed and in life. It is plot heavy, so later on, the smut scenes are less frequent but still very spicy.
Never left a review before, but I had to do it for this series! Beautiful art, and great MCs. The male lead is hot and not domineering/ abusive at all. The steamy scenes are often about female pleasure, and of course, the male has to fight against his instincts (in the best way). He asks for consent and wants the relationship to be reciprocal. My favorite series right now! Side note: The series actually touches on some interesting feminist issues around r*** culture. Seriously great, thought provoking writing that I didn't expect to find in my smut<3