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This was so stunning. The art is beautiful and the story is so intriguing. I 100% recommend this. Yuji and Michiru are like literal soulmates. They are so beautiful together. Oh, man, this is one of the best things I've ever read.
Omgosh I need the other four volumes, this was so awesome! Zombies, yaoi, I mean, it's everything I never knew I needed lol
Absolutely just fell in love. I wanna hear a PEG song for real. Sojun is adorable, and I love the way he and Arata are with each other. This just hit every single freaking checkbox I have for an amazing story.
Sae is adorable and I love him.
This was so awesome - so funny but cute too. Where's volume 4?!? Lol
I really just love the ones where people are tortured souls looking for a little validation for their existence. It's probably not the healthiest thing, but I think it's a very *real* thing. And Hina fits the bill. He's a tortured guy looking for someone to love him, and he wants that someone to be, desperately, the girl he's loved since high school. I really like this one. The art is good, the story is better, and the dynamic between Hina and Rui works. I like that she backs out whenever she's feeling a little too emotionally out there and try's to change the subject. I like that Hina is always pushing her a little bit more than she's comfortable with. This one is really relatable and worth the read. I hope they continue it.
This one was awesome. I love the dynamic between the ML and FL. He's so cool and she's so earnest but not in an annoying way. They had great chemistry.
I hope this one keeps getting updated. Art is so cool and the story is interesting!! I wanna know what this chica had planned for our clueless lovers…
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