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I really enjoy the story I wish they'd get one more chapter so we can see them getting married and having puppies or humans whatever I hope they decide to just make one so they can really complete this story I give it five stars I really enjoyed it
Oh my God I have believe how good the story was I cried I panic this is one of the best stories I read so far of how friends become lovers boy I can't wait to see volume 2 I'm ready for it to see where their journey goes boy it's just a good story you'll love it
I really enjoyed this story but it seemed like we own a cliffhanger we don't know if he had the baby or if they live in Happily Ever After I'm hoping there's a continuation of the story can't leave us with a cliffhanger.
I have to say that I really enjoyed this story. It was coming to age love story all because of sake and try to find a girlfriend. It was cute about his man sized but most of all I just love how they loved one another and respect each other. Like I said love conquer all. Thumbs up good read. Much respect to author.
I really enjoyed the story gave you hope about love and not giving up to find it it's a really good story you will really enjoy this one
I love how the story is like coming to age. Meaning to except one sizes. I just think it a cute story. Can wait for the book. It's a very good reason.
I truly love this story. I love the way they inspired one another. I pray there another chapter. This a excellent read.
This is my favorite stories. I just want them to be happy with having some children. And grow as one together with both tribes.
Love it. Has drama, action, and it has romance.
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