FujoshiHeart's Reviews & Ratings

If you're looking for a cute, lighthearted read to reset your mind (sometimes you need that after a yaoi/BL binge) then this is an excellent choice. The couple are adorable, the art is beautiful, and the overall story unfolds very smoothly. I read it in one night. Could not put it down! My only complaint is that I want more. But is that really a bad thing? Definitely an author I'd like to see more from.
Spoilers ahead! With the most recent update I can't say I love this as much as I had. The budding relationship between the two leads is very sweet and cute and I hope worth continuing beyond chapter 4. However, in chapter 4 our BL loving uke is drugged and noncon follows. It was hard for me to read considering how light and heartwarming the previous chapters had been. This chapter did not feel as if it were written to move the story ahead at all and I'm honestly dreading the next chapter because we all know how these situations are typically treated in BL. However, if you can get passed that maybe hold on for the cute BaristaxFirefighter ship we all signed up for.
A not so deep read. Not that that's a bad thing. I enjoyed it up until a near SA scene which then threw the rest of the story off for me. There are moments when I felt the main characters and their situation could have been fleshed out more. Another chapter or two of really digging into why Kota is the way he is wouldn't hurt but this was kept light as far as character background goes. I'd say it's a good read, especially when you have nothing else you're dying to read, but just be warned that there is definite dub-con and an almost SA scene.
This sets a solid tone for what a dom/sub story should be. From the start everything between the two leads is about consent and trying to understand the other's needs. I'm not against more aggressive/rough treatment but it needs to be on this level of respect between the partners. Shuji and Itsuki's relationship is so cute but sexy. I loved seeing how their two personalities differed between public life and in the bedroom. The fact that Shuji has a soft heart makes his role as the dom all the better to me. I also loved how learning he was a sub helped Itsuki grow as a person. 10/10 pairing. Highly recommend.