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This series is seriously underrated! If you enjoy funny, heartwarming, erotic, unique storyline of classical RPG isekai theme and unexpected plot twist you might love this manga. I personally hooked with the story and the art, and in the end I bought the untranslated manga chapters and the completed web novel, so I already knew the ending and very very excited to see the rest of manga chapters! If you hesistate with the story development, I can't say much but trust me it's really good! The original author is very good creating unique story with engaging characters , humor, and erotic scene then you will be surprised with the plot twist. Maybe this is the best novel adapted BL novel I read so far. The artist take the work seriously and the scene in novel beautifully crafted in superb artwork. The style of art is very anime style but suprisingly s/he also master at steamy scene! The art in manga waaay better then the art in novel. This series should be more popular worldwide.
I Always love Machi suehiro's work and this one is really good! Since it published in qpa you can expect many smut scene here, and it's really hot! I love vampire themed story and combined with cute relationship and hot steamy Scene make it really sexy yet adorable! Since the concept is modern day vampire that substitue blood with another body fluid:cum, you can expect there are lots many smutty steamy scene here. I lost count how many times the vampire gave blowjobs to eat the cum lol. I hope in future renta could bring fake fact lips, her masterpiece in qpa to international reader too.
I bought it after learned it won best manga no 1 in chill chill BL award 2018 . Wow, now I understand why this work won prestiguous BL award! It starts with when the boys both 17 year old and they both grow old together. There are conflict that quite rare happen in BL world but it solved eventually. It's really beautiful, no wonder this work won BL award. Initially I just rent it, but definitely will upgrade so I can read again!
Seriously, this is good BL. So funny, erotic and yet romantic. Seiji is seriously funny and Shin's straightforwardness and his sneaky fantasy make it so cute. You won't be bored reread this over and over again. This manga won numerous BL award in Japan because it's really good. Btw just info, if you haven't read this series yet, I recommend you to get the 1st and 2nd volume in full color verticomix version, it's really good!
I know this title nominated for a BL award but I never knew it's sold here! I'm happy renta sold many qpa manga and this one is really amazing! Sure, it's not a traditional weak and cute looking omega uke type, instead the uke is omega that suppress his heat by fighting spririt. The seme is really nice and considerate too. The story is really funny, you never tired re read it several times. Highly recommended!
If you looking for smutty steamy hot BL comedy romance with good art to bright up your day, I highly recommend this series. I personally think this series got underrated in renta, in other platform this really popular. I have finished chapter 12 in renta and already bought several advanced chapters in japanese since I really like it. In this manga, You will find something that rarely happen in BL manga like visiting cross dress experience cafe or watching the seme doing porn shoot, since the seme working in adult industy.The relationship between the seme and uke is really cute too, the author blend the romance and comedy very well. The seme is quite cocky but surprisingly he is very thoughtful and faithful, so no NTR here (I don't count sex for work as ntr). The uke is typical tsundere but quite honest with himself after being pushed by cocky seme, so interaction with them is perfect combination.And the best part is sexy scene that is very very well executed!
At first, I bought this manga after seeing it written by antama, my favorite author that make "anyone sleeep with me, the hot vice president council " but looks like I'm not really into this.Sure, the concept is unique and story is good. But you have to be very open minded to accept this story, because it's love story between real blood related brothers which kind of taboo. The artwork is awesome too, one of the best in renta. If you really don't mind with the incest content, then this is for you. The love story is slowly developed because he needs to clear up some brotherhood issue first before moving to love story.but the MC is working at quite perverted cafe (in japan, this cafe is called prostitution, but no intercourse allowed, touching is okay; as intercourse is illegal in japan prostution service) so if you looking for some smut, you will get it from the beginning. Compared to her other Antama works, I love the other one better. But it's just my preference.
This is the best BL title in Renta so far! I always love smutty romantic comedy title to bright up my day, and this is exactly what I am looking for! It might not real smutty becuase the relationship slowly developed, but Seiei's fantasy make the manga really hot! So, the authors doing a great job mixing smutty scenes with natural slow to developed story in very good way.Having a bottom that as hot as the top and only hit by other bottoms is a new concept too, it's refreshing! And how the author wrap it into a good romantic story with brightening humor is genius. I also quite picky about art, and the illustration is doing great job making beautiful art.If you tight in money and want to buy a very decent title, trust me, this is my top recommendation! I have rented many BL manga on renta that sits in the top seller, and I personally think this one is the best!
At first, I'm looking down to this title as I'm into BL, I'm into straight love manga but I'm not into gender bender. Well this one different, this is really good ajd must read!!. It basically BL manga that the MC cursed to be a woman and he had to have sex to lift the curse. This is quite different from most BL manga and sure really stand out from other typical BL manga. You got both love manga and BL manga in one series. If you looking manga with lots of sex scene with good storyline, you should definetely buy this. It's not gender bender type, but one soul share both male and female body. So far this is the best manga in renta. Will definitely follow this series because it's really good!!
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