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The story was kind of hard to follow -- the cuts between scenes and plot points were abrupt. There's a lot of immediate sex, and while the art is GORGEOUS, I realize that I'm just not a fan of the trope with a bully/emotionally non-expressive male lead and a flowery, slow female lead. I found myself crying for her emotions from remembering her past with this bully; it was very heartfelt. But I didn't find the build up to the conclusion very satisfying, despite it ending on a tender note. It's just not for me.
This is the title that got me interested in Renta! in the first place. It's pricier than other titles, but the art and writing here is actually pretty good. It's more spicy than wholesome, but the stories progress at a standard (not rushed) pace for yaoi, with the main focus being the sex. I really enjoyed the Princess Top story, but the side story was pretty good too. Worth the purchase.
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