Cindypyon's Reviews & Ratings

9 Aug 2021Amazing first chapter. The art is great and is this the era of big buff guys in straight adult manga, cus hell yeah lolRead 4 chapters and plot is okay. Main has a problem and hope it gets resolved without too much drama. The male lead has an understanding personality, so I think it will be fine.Chapter 5 is gonna be lots of fun hehe (they go to her place first time) :3
22 dec 2020 chapter 2 came out and holy shhhh it's hot! I wasn't expecting they were gonna focus on Niko during foreplay, but I loved it! Consent good too and I love the size difference..!Definitely recommend if you're into cute girls and cute big guys :3 Nikolas is so my type hahaHe's not like a “beast”... He reminds me of Makoto from Free! Look-wise and personality too
Nov 2020: Good read, the characters are cute together and have a likeable personality. Pretty simply plot and very minor drama, but gets resolved very quickly.I liked their interactions, plus that safe sex and consent were there. Sex scenes were hot for an adult manga aimed towards ladies standards.The manga seemed to end abruptly though..? (Ch. 5)
This is my fav adult manga aimed towards women!Love the interaction between characters and the love interest is actually hot, personality and bodywise.The art and smut scenes are really good too, just wish a little more attention is given to mr. Fujishima's d*ck hahaStill very sexy (the things he says, hot..!)New chapter every 2 months?? So sad :<
I like the horny meter thing, too bad it's mostly focused on his friend. The main assumes things about his friend and that creates misunderstandings (chapter 4), which could easily be solved by talking, yknow?They are both kinda
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