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ATTENTION RENTERS! This is a continuation to the couple story of Shio & Nao, which we meet in the volume 'I'm in Love With My So Called Brother!'. The first 3 chapters end the brothers' story & then the story flows into the next couple, which are friends to each brother. Shio's manga buddy Yakushiji (first name, Tomo) quite literally runs into his old high school classmate Daichi (who works with Nao) & runs away. Each brother takes a side with their respective friends to find out what happened in the past for these two to be so awkward with each other. So, if you want the beginning of the story, get the volume, 'I'm in Love With My So Called Brother!' first to get the whole the story!
ATTENTION RENTERS! There IS a continuation to the couple story of Shio & Nao. It does not simply end with this volume, but continues where the story left off (after the stalker) in the next volume, 'No Escape From My First Love' which was just released on this site. The first 3 chapters end the brothers' story & then the story flows into the next couple, which are friends to each brother. Shio's manga buddy Yakushiji (first name, Tomo) quite literally runs into an old high school classmate of his (who works with Nao) & runs away. So, if you read this volume, 'I'm in Love With My So Called Brother!', make sure you get the sequel to get the whole story! I'm leaving a 5-star to offset the angry lack of stars because people were unaware of the sequel volume at the time. With this post, now everyone knows this info.
Dream Between the Sheets, ch.1&2 is the prequel to this story. On her day off, Kuroda Yukino runs into an adorably awkward young Korean man who's trying to go sightseeing. She joins him & with a translation app & gestures, they enjoy the day. But, the young man doesn't want it to end just yet, so they go to his hotel. There, the only way to converse is through the language of their lusting bodies, for one night only. (We don't even know each other's names or even speak the same language. And yet, we somehow just get one another) Later, she sees on TV the K-pop band Planet with a new song & a very familiar young man.....NOW, 2 years later & we get to see their love story get another chance. The young man (named Mira) & the band Planet are joining the makeup company ShiReido (where Yukino works), to market their new line of cosmetics. She sees him, but, has he forgotten? Her answer comes when they're alone, the look in his eyes just the same as that day... We were able to meet again...
Rented so I could leave the 1st review! In college, Matsumoto reads the winning story in a literary magazine by Momoharu. He abandons his idea of becoming an author, starts working at that same literary magazine & even luckier, becomes the editor to Momoharu. Momoharu's actually a shut-in guy, with big dark, kinda emotionless eyes, who writes from personal experience & keeps people at a distance. He feels that, because of himself, anyone who gets close to him, dies. His family dies. The lover who stayed by him through that loss, also dies. He tries to push his childhood friend away, so he doesn't have the same fate & even wants to quit writing to protect his editor. Motomatsu won't leave him alone, saying that he fell for the "him" in his story & all the luck he got to meet him will cancel out any bad luck he may get from now on. Cute how the writer switch "flips on" at the end. Artwork's very nice, there's a clothes-friendly love scene with nothing to edit out, so SFW. Love the cover!
So I've gotten to chapter 5 (with the big reveal), and I am positively loving this story. The angst! The adoration! The betrayal! Being left behind and forgotten! So many feels!! So I went back and re-read everything from 1 to 5 again, and you pick up on all the little clues that Iharu's too dense to notice (the first, being Shin's name and how it sounds like the word for death). I so want this to work out for them. May there be many more chapters of this manga to come!
I've seen the anime of this title a few years ago, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this on Renta as a full-color release. Hana is a 25-year-old woman in between jobs, who takes her cousin Kaho's place at school, after her aunt begs her, since they look the same. However, school has changed drastically in the years since she's been there and Hana's personality is the opposite of outgoing and easy Kaho. When cornered by a FWB of Kaho in the nurse's office, she's saved by the teacher, Mr.Kanie. Kanie immediately recognizes Hana, as they were classmates at school together. He suggests she stay close to him, so he can protect her from others. He also helps her at school, so she can keep the swap from being found out. The problem is how he wants her to pay. Is she willing to pay the price for his help?
Young Natsume just moved to the area, only to find out his mother threw out his old ratty blanket instead of packing it. Seems like a normal thing to do, but she never realized that he's been using it as a security blanket for most of his life, due to her busy work schedule. After collapsing from a lack of sleep, Dr.Uzuki finds him and brings him into the clinic, where he tries to cover him with his lab coat, only to 'become' his new blanket (and wonders what the hell kinda sexy things he was doing with his previous blanket!). At first, he only wants the doctor as a warm body pillow to help him sleep, but of couse, things escalate further than just simple cuddling. Is their relationship one of only a doctor treating his patient, or can they both realize that it's so much more?
Oh, damn! His kitty Maru is the best at coc*blocking him!
OMG for Chapter 4! The story behind Haruyuki and how he meets cute little Noah. He is sooooo obsessed. (Loved the X'd out calendar pages on the last page. That's how much love he has for Noah!)
This is the 1st manga volume, which was released before, only broken up into and sold by chapter. Not a 2nd volume, which is what I thought this was. Kinda looking forward to the story continuing, but now I have a duplicate. Story itself is kinda cute, and the 34 points per chapter is affordable (but long run, one amount for full volume VS number of chapters x 34 points, which is the better price?)
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