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OMG for Chapter 4! The story behind Haruyuki and how he meets cute little Noah. He is sooooo obsessed. (Loved the X'd out calendar pages on the last page. That's how much love he has for Noah!)
This is the 1st manga volume, which was released before, only broken up into and sold by chapter. Not a 2nd volume, which is what I thought this was. Kinda looking forward to the story continuing, but now I have a duplicate. Story itself is kinda cute, and the 34 points per chapter is affordable (but long run, one amount for full volume VS number of chapters x 34 points, which is the better price?)
A side-by-side spinoff of 'Mimori's Naughty Mouth' (a spin-off because Mimori & others from the other story are still around, & side-by-side, because the storylines from both series overlap) It's interesting to see the same storyline being told with differing perspectives. For an example, Mimori ch.20 & Eishi ch.4 take place at work on the same day, but follow their own interactions. The main character (and narrator) in this story is Eishi Tsuji, who has feelings for his co-worker Mimori. He never acted on those feelings because Mimori's not gay. But, upon returning from being relocated overseas, he finds out Mimori's in a relationship with a man, so now he goes after him hard, and causes problems. Asano Nakano, a younger co-worker, also returns after being assigned with Tsuji overseas. He wants Tsuji to give up on pursuing Mimori, because he loves Tsuji, and won't relent until he fully accepts his love (while being a convenient replacement). Will the younger guy be able to win out?
This title gave a new spin on the whole Omegaverse idea, by adding anthropomorphism into the mix. Manga author Sachio has a really troublesome relationship with his new editor Ukano. Not only is Sachio an Omega when Ukano's an Alpha, but he's also a prey animal (mouse) who works with a predator (fox), AND add in to the mix, that they also can transform fully into their animal forms. Sachio understands where he falls on the food chain (which is why being a shut-in manga author is the best job for him), so his dark humor about being food is part of his self-deprecating personality. I did enjoy when he refers to his animal form as a cream puff (I agree he's a butter roll tho), even talking selfies of his fluffy cuteness. So far, we don't know much about Ukano. He's definitely a fan of Sachio's manga, but whether he sees him as prey, like Sachio thinks, or as a possible Omega partner, is still debatable. (I hope that 'bite' at the end was a try at a possible pairing!)
OMG! Re-read this a couple times but finally saw the hidden "Easter egg" in final chapter. The name of the college... so priceless... It can be seen on the front and side of the bus Yamato gets on. (I love finding weird hidden things like this or bad drawing mistakes that get past the editors. Found 4 titles so far with stuff like that. Can't wait to find more hard-to-find gems!)
The series synopsis doesn't do this title justice!Young Mimori finds out how sensitive an erogenous zone his mouth is during a routine dental visit during his 1st year of middle school. After the embarrassment of it and the follow-up clinic visit, he was determined to take care of his teeth, so he'd never have to go to the dentist again. Now in his mid-30's, a newly-ruptured wisdom tooth has caused cavities, so he is forced to go to the dentist. What he finds is a dentist, who seems to enjoy his little embarrassing sensitivity problem, by making it much, much worse. This title just started publishing a few months ago, so it'll be slow going. Artwork is very detailed and I like the style. Certainly love how the dentist has the balls to call Mimori the pervert when he is so much more deviant. (See you at the follow-up visit!)
All I gotta say is: Thank You, Mike!!
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