Jacks's Reviews & Ratings

This seems to be really fun. Gave me a good laugh. Becomes smut really fast but without pacing too fast. I'm looking forward to all the weird situation the two of them will get in. 5*
I'm loving it so far, tho there are only two chapters released. I already like the main characters. In particular the black haired one since he seems to be cold-tempered, but kinda twisted as well which I really can relate too. lol. I'm looking forward seeing more of this! Btw Great art style.
First thinking this would all be about some fun and good laughs, it turned out to be a very cute and as well heartwarming story. 5/5
Nice art style and great story so far. I like how the characters act kinda smart and relatable. Can't wait to see more of this soon. Would recommend. 5/5.
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