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I regret this one. The "uke" is rightfully annoyed because we are basically watching him get harassed and lied to and about for the entire book. At first I thought it was going to start comically then develop into a story where the characters and romance develop. NOPE. Just a constant whining and harassment where the "seme" starts the story by gaslighting and lying to the our MC and it ends the same way. The last chapter even has a recap where you meet everyone again, and I have never been so happy to not get a sex scene, because I would have been thoroughly disgusted. You get to see how deep the delusion and lies go with the seme, as he has made everyone that the two of them know believe that there is a relationship here that isn't barely above Stockholm Syndrome.
I enjoyed it. I also feel like it's a little incomplete, like it had more to tell but ran out of pages. Parts that seem big and important get rushed to a conclusion, but it has funny elements and is overall worth a rental
I wasn't expecting a whole lot of character development, but the baby is a prop and no character learns or changes. Nothing smexy, just a brat complaining and hating a baby for the entire book. I only like the art, but I've never read a yaoi where no one was likable.
I can't stand by this manga much, I love the child-rearing part, but the romance is forced. The characters address how they get romantically/sexually involved and the questionable way they get together is dismissed as not being an issue, despite the uke defining their initial interaction as an issue.
How? How did you make something so sweet?! I feel a little that it's moving fast but I love this couple. I love that they are growing together without senseless drama
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