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I'm desperate for more Fuji!!!! I need a follow up on this couple! This was sooo my type. the prequel was wholesome but this was straight up HOTT. I need more nose bleed sex scenes! I wanna see Fuji try so hard to be the top Mizuki needs! My only complaint is that the action is a bit rushed after the trauma scene. It is well done but leaves me wishing for more romance between these two. There is so much more potential Please please PLEASE give me a bonus short or something! I'd buy a whole additional volume of just these two! I will give you all my money all you have to do is draw more Fuji???
So far so cute! The back story and Dr Samejima's adorable insecurity about his smile is just great. It also already has some pretty HOT sex scenes! Which I'm very much here for! Just as a warning there is an non-con scene with a non love interest but it is handled really well so you don't have to stay on it for more then a few panels. I'm really excited for more to come out my only complaint being that I have no idea when that will be!
I want to like it I really do but the dialogue and art are just so so simple. I love the concept of child hood friends having a blooming romantic relationship but the art is so plain it's really hard to get sucked in. It's just not sexy, boarder line boring even. I might have given the second chapter a shot if I had the option to rent but with buying as the only choice I just can't justify getting anymore chapters, the art really is the most important factor and there was no real depth to their expressions at all. Unfortunate.
Super cute, silly and awkward. I thought the flow was good and it left me wanting more even at the very end. Someone mentioned the love triangle at the end needing flushed out and I have to say I think for this story it went exactly how it needed to and felt complete, that being said the character Asuma actually has his own story that is one of my favorites called The Guy I Hate that I absolutely recommend! Especially if like me you liked the character and wanted more of him
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