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This was so cute. Akihiro and Takumi were so adorable. I like how the author treated them respectfully as a same-sex couple (no gay unicorn trope here) and that their friends continued supporting them with no drama, as though their dating was just a natural extension of their relationship. The sex scene felt a bit rushed. The art was great though, really capturing the characters' subtle emotions. Woukd reread.
I've only read the first 5 chapters so far. This manga's premise interested me. The MC (Qing) catches his lover cheating. Before they get a chance to talk about it, Elevator-kun isekais Qing to the past where he meets his boyfriend before they hook up, and he vows not to fall in love with the guy again. I really wanted to like this manga but there were a few things that made it hard to enjoy. First, the English translation is not great. TBH, it reads like someone ran the pages through Google translate. You can understand the gist of what the characters are saying but the grammar and syntax is off, making them sound like they're speaking English for the first time. Second, the storytelling itself is kinda choppy, making the story a bit challenging to follow at times. IDK, both of these issues may get better as the story progresses (there's currently 52 chapters) but you should know this is what you're getting before you buy. I am interested in how this resolves so I might keep reading.
This manga was good, but I don't feel like it belongs in the BL tag. It's a slow burn romance wise but the smut does happens fast. The art is good, and the pacing is okay but feels a bit rushed at the end. I really liked the characters as individuals. Aoi is super cute and Touya is a decent guy.However, I didn't like them as a couple, and the primary reason is I never felt like Touya accepted Aoi as a gay man. It always felt like Touya was dating Aoi the woman and Aoi the man was just his friend, especially after his reaction to Aoi coming out to him. Additionally, there's only one M/M sex scene and it's at the end and feels like an afterthought or an obligatory scene inserted just for BL lovers. All the other sex scenes are M/F.Technically, this is a BL book because at the end of the day Aoi is a man, but the primary focus is on Aoi's female form. So, just kind of a heads up to BL lovers that this book doesn't really fit the category.Other than that, it was good.
The story was okay. I feel like the plot was only a vehicle to get to the sex scenes. And while those scenes were pretty hot, the way they came about wasn't really believable. Also, I would've liked some character development. Like, I understand Teru's backstory and why he didn't push back against Yuga but the author didn't really resolve that issue in the end and Teru just comes off as someone who goes with anyone's pace. If you're looking for smut, this is a good comic for that but don't expect anything more.
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