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Beautiful artwork, cheap price, and much like any soap opera there is a lot of drama and subplots. I am invested and need to know what happens next. I do wish it was completed so I could binge read because some of these cliffhangers are mean. At the time of this review there are 43 chapters. I hope it is updated regularly and does not decline as many long run series tend to do.
Great story, wonderful art, maybe needs a trigger warning? As I stated this is a beautiful story about two people that need to be needed, only one of them has accepted and realized it though. I disagree with people that say this is Stockholm or say Yasu is crazy. This in my opinion is a immature snap judgement from people that do not understand all love is different. No one is encouraging anyone to lock anyone up; to be honest this story touches on workplace sexual harassment, bullying, and stalking. ( I took off a star because I felt like they let the stalker off too easy, I get why...Yuma is a celebrity. No scandal...still) Like I was saying love means different things to different people. This is fiction. Yuma is in denial and Yasu purposefully does not cross certain lines. There are many cute moments as well. This is worth the price. If you want a simple, traditional love story skip it. Don't give it a poor rating due to your prejudice.
At this moment only 5 volumes are out. The story is well paced, the characters are interesting, and there are clear plot points that have been laid out as future hurdles. I feel compelled to warn future readers that most chapters end in cliffhangers; brilliantly executed cliffhangers but cliffhangers none the less. I'm sure this will be a wonderful binge read and there will be plenty of characters to hate. Now I'm off to read the other work this author put out.
This was a sugar sweet anthology with tons of plot. I appreciated how all three couples were refreshingly different from each other. As many have stated the stories are connected, in a pleasant way. This allows you to see the characters through anothers point of view. Someone that you hastily labeled will become sympathetic once you see their side of the story. I wonder if that was a secret lesson here? The art was nice. The sex scenes were fine but not fan yourself hot. A few panels were drawn weird but considering the author's slow release pace I think it might have just been errors that were forgotten in lieu of something more pressing. This is worth the money.
Not a bad time killer. Three very short stories(office workers, boss/maid, & childhood friends). Don't misunderstand; each story is concluded (happy ever afters all around) with no cliffhangers but there is no character development. Art was fine, sex scenes could have been better. In conclusion, rent before you hit buy. It might save you money.
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