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I didn't expect the plot to be this way. I thought it would just be a lot of smuts, but it actually is much more. It's an easy to read story, not too deep or heavy, but deep enough to make it addicting and interesting. Ryo is so cute. I have a strong urge to protect him like many people in the manga lol!
It's a nice read! I think because everyone is quite matured, so there isn't anything too dramatic! It would have been nicer if the last chapter was a bit longer. I guess the author can always write another vol. if she ever decides it so.
I like it enough to buy book 2, but I feel like the story is kind of rushing and skipping in some part. Giving me some sort of unsatisfied feeling even though the ending is just fine. It's a good story still.
I read the review, so I didn't expect much, but woah!!! I really like it. It's definitely nothing like extremely good smut or overly lovely-dovey romantic. Nonetheless, I love it! It's an adult love story. It's short, but emotionally deep story. Everything turns out so much better if you just have someone there just for you.
I love the story. The first half was excellent, but I feel like there could have been a little bit more for the ending. I feel a bit unsatisfied, although that could be just me
Aaaaaaahhhhh! I want moreeeee!!!! I love them both!!!
This manga has a lot of potential. I like how it gave me some surprises in the details. It's a slowly developing story, but it's good, gives more depth this way. Ugh! Now I have to wait for book 3.
It has a good plot, but the pace is a bit fast in some part that makes the story less deep in my opinion. I like the art a lot thou!
The stories' development is kinda quick, but make sense since this is not a serialized story. Salaryman's love stories :). I like the author and her style, so I'm gonna find all her books.
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