Nooninaja's Reviews & Ratings

Woah. I was surprised by how good the story was. The plot thickened... and then thickened some more!! Lol much more than what I was expecting in 7 chapters. Highly recommended and honestly wished the author had made this into a longer series to show more of each character. It was that good. After reading a good share of the repetitious smutty storylines of the TL/mature genre, I have to say this was a pleasant surprise. Highly recommended!!
Wasn't sure what to expect, but really good! I'm enjoying the character development and backstory.
This here ain't no comedy. But it's definitely good in a more serious, dramatic, stalker-y, adult relationships type of way.
The plot itself is pretty cliche but I think the art and personality of the characters make it more unique and endearing. The pacing is quite fast but doesn't feel that way while reading. Definitely can't wait to read whats next!
The concept of a little brother cafe and incest is what pulled me in at first. It was unique and interesting. Though incest can be a controversial genre for Love manga junkies, I think this story could be enjoyed by all fans of the Love genre. The characters don't get carried away by their feelings and there are genuine moments and character development throughout that just makes it all the more heart wrenching to me as a romantic. Highly recommended. PS. It's kind of like an anthology where the first story ends at chapter 6 and chapter 7 begins a new story..
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