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I find it interesting that so many people loved this; it really didn't do it for me. I was first shocked when it stated that the love interest is 7 years older than the MC who is in hs. I'm guessing she's 18, and luckily the age difference didn't really come into play, but it did make me uncomfortable right off the bat. I'm very confused by the love interest because at one point he just tells the MC to get out of his life forever and then the next day chases after her..? and there is really absolutely no explanation for this whatsoever. Does not feel justified or like "teasing." The scene cuts are very jarring and often confused me. And some of the better sex scenes just cut off right in the middle! Lemme see the action! The art is really nice and the nsfw scenes are pretty good (when they're allowed to play all the way through) but it left me feeling pretty unsatisfied and is probably not something I'm going to come back to.
This is definitely my favorite manga on the site so far. Compelling, cute characters, beautiful art, very hot scenarios. I keep coming back to it to reread it and am chomping at the bit for an update (currently on ch11). I love how sweet and puppy-like the male main is, but still just pushy enough to get things moving. I'm enjoying his struggle to understand his own feelings. I love when there's a dynamic of sexual tension between characters that feels very palpable as a reader. Male main is emotionally intelligent enough to know when to push further and back off when it comes to sex; sooo wonderful to see someone's boundaries actually respected. The story itself is getting very interesting with the cliffhanger in ch11; overall this manga is great and has my favorite dynamic of bully girl and meek boy!!!!
This manga is so delightful! Definitely one of my favorites so far on the site. I love when the female MC actually has real personality and spunk. And despite what the cover art says, the male MC is not the stoic forcefully hands-on kind of stereotype; honestly so refreshing to see just two happy protagonists lol. I absolutely adore how much he genuinely enjoys his female avatar and wants to look cute in game. Another refreshing feeling of a man enjoying playing as a girl without it being fetishy or sexual. Both he and the female MC have so much love for his avatar! lol! Not very much "action" at all in this manga but such a wonderful read; genuinely love the characters and their interactions and looking forward to more!
I agree wholeheartedly with the other reviews. I like dubcon but it's rather distressing how often this veers straight into sexual assault. And no one in the manga takes it seriously whatsoever! Lol. No one is even scolded for assaulting this girl. Depicts all the male characters as uncontrollable predators and will try to get some when given the chance. This manga has some good points, but it just left me feeling rather uncomfortable. If you're ok with noncon, this may be for you, but if you're more strictly into dubcon where both partners are enjoying the interaction, I would stay clear. I cut manga a lot of slack because of how things work in "hentaiverse," but even with that in mind the interactions are just a bit of a stretch.
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