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This is the first BL I've read after I saw a snippet of the anime, I really like size difference so I thought I'd give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised by the relationship in this, very hot intimate scenes and good plot.
Translation feels a bit lacklustre and awkward to read in places. However monster boys and werewolves are very much my thing so I'm keen to read more of this.
I thought this would conclude after 3 chapters as I nice little contained story which was endearing whilst having some incredibly hot scenes which Id have given 4 stars too. Then chapter 4 chucked in a plot curveball and now I'm ready for it!!
The ML in this is incredibly hot. The FL is a breath of fresh of air in terms of personality, she's strong willed and very forward. The intimate scenes are so incredibly steamy even I felt a little flustered by the ML expressions. The plot is fun and a bit different to the other office romances mangas. I love it.
I've been following this series since it first appeared on the site and the pay off was worth it. Both steamy and wholesome, my favourite kind of romance...not to mention the fact that this is definitely one for you, if you have a size difference kink for tall guys
That's a different way to have an appointment with your sexual health doctor...Some super steamy scenes straight away! But be warned there is a non-con scene in this.
I liked this way more than I initially thought I would as I'm not a fan of yuri (it is clear early on this is not the case though). The plot worked superbly and I was hooked. It's wonderful to see a depiction of a healthy relationship between a woman and a man who cross-dresses, which in turn also helps the protagonist with her fear of men. I feel like a lot of people would love to have someone as charming as Rei in their life ^^
Hot damn, very keen to see where this goes after just two chapters. A sweet, naive young woman who's still a virgin and a smouldering hot, muscular fox-spirit of a man. Refreshing to see more of a 'bara' type muscular guy with facial hair rather than the standard slim, longer haired, bishonen guys, who are more of the norm for this genre. Can't wait to read more!
Honestly one of the sweetest love mangas I've read on this site. The heroine's adorable but believable, the male lead is mega tsundere. There's some hilarious moments and some hot ones too!! Highly recommended
This manga was the reason I got a Renta! account. Loved every bit of it, was just a bit sad that the story felt rushed in places. I feel like the ending was a little disappointing for one of the characters, when maybe another installment could've rectified this. Regardless super cute, and very steamy in places!! Recommend if you like cute dog boys!
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