Nion's Reviews & Ratings

The author's duality is really amazing lol.The first story is filled with plot while the second one is just straight up porn, but they're both executed well.I really love the characters in the first story and though some plot holes exist, the storyline isn't too unrealistic, which is a plus. The couple does start off as noncon, but they end up loving each other.The second story is just straight up self-indulgement. It's kind of nonsense, but it's a refreshing break after the first's suspense. Plus the dynamic between the couple is great!Also, the art is really beautiful ;)I'm only renting this now, but I'm really tempted to upgrade this to permanent buy lol
This one is really good and worth your money!! A very charming story!Not only is the art beautiful, but the plot is very sweet and heart warming. The ero scenes are tasteful and the couple is very romantic to each other. The MC isn't a naive, damsel in distress, and the ML isn't an overbearing alpha male.If you can overlook the interspecies relationship or you don't really care about it, then this is something you should definitely have a go with!!
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