TheDarkhold's Reviews & Ratings

The art is good. The FC is loveable at first. I hope there will be a progressive development of characters in later chapters.
The art is attractive. I guess this is the type of story in which they stay together and grow to realize good sides of each other overtime. Good development right in the 1st chapter, now finishing chapter 3, I want to know more how the chemistry between the main couple will unfold.
Pretty boring and simple plot. A playboy realised that he's in love with his best friend only when she decided to quit. There is little to no development of character (I guess partially due to the short length of the manga too). The H scenes are so-so. Just reading this for killing time.
Shouldn't use logic when it comes to this type of manga but I love how the plot gradually unfolds. The drawing is quite consistent from chap 1 to chap 5. Quite a good smut manga to spend time reading :)
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