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I liked it. There are two pairs and the stories are connected. Both couples (but mostly the pair in second story) have a bit of a sad background.I would have wished for more loving sex scenes. Both couples are rather rough and have a lot of disputes.But overall i'm happy with the purchase.
I loved it! The art is so beautiful. The characters are hot and OMG the sex scenes!!! It not just the usual positions, there are some well drawn new kind of views.The story has depth and the MCs have background. There are also some funny scenes.They go hiking in the story, there's a wonderful mountain view, too!
I liked it. There's a happy end of course. They get back together at the end of the story during her last month's of pregnancy.The art is beautiful. The characters are fine. They sincerely love each other. The problems in the story are just caused by their lack of conversation.
I love this story. I immediately upgraded it. A bit of a long story with drama (gay x straight; unfulfilled past love), but in the end they get it together. And yes, there's a sex scene, it's not very graphic, but damn it's hot!(I would have wished for more though) The Art style is beautiful, I think that's the main reason why I love this manga so much.
Its sooo great. I love it! Its funny and sweet!
4.5 Stars. The Artwork is beautiful! The protagonists are funny and well drawn. Nice story development, but no smexy scenes in the first chapter.
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