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This manga overall good, like the both MC! The storyline was cute but wishes little longer. Seem little rush..or maybe there another more chapters! Since I am not sure Renta didn't status completed but the last chapter I read seem it's the end.
I really like this manga...really sweet and soft heart storyline + some smut on it...really enjoyable to read. Love both the MC! Can't wait for the next chapter to be out,hopefully soon + more of this author manga will release on here!
This one really funny and cute...I like how the story flow out through the end, but wished there are more showing the main characters with a future wedding pic or kids... this is my 2nd purchase of the author Yuuki Hinase. So far I like both of them and will read rest of the author manga and hope there are more in the future.
Really cute and sweet story...will read more of the author of this manga
Really cute, funny and sweet childhood friend become lover!
So far I like it! Will read more when new chapters out to see how the storyline lead to.
OMG...THIS IS SO GOOD! Love all the stories but the 1st one really cracked me up and the ML damn hot!! I wished the stories were little longer....+ the art is great...Hope Renta have more of this collection stories!
This book genuinely makes me feel so happy when I am reading it + I am a sucker for childhood to become lover! The male lead is amazing I love his personality to his straightforward and his affection toward the female lead! In the other hand the female lead is naive naive and kinda dumb but not to part super dumb so I am ok with it! Definitely one of the love/childhood/lover book must read!
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