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Couldn't be better and well worth the wait I put in for the last chapters. It was ??no extra words needed!
Honestly not my cup of tea. Even though the smut was hot, the uke couldn't seem to do anything properly and at this point I'm just fed up....
I loved it! The H scenes were so sexy I had shivers but overall it was a surprisingly light story most of the time. The comedy was totally on point and had me laughing my head off at the end. Honestly, I'm just glad the MC wasn't as naive as I thought him out to be.
That was SUCH a good read! The development was smooth, there was no stupid misunderstanding or drama that needed to be solved. Any issue presented, in my humble opinion, was needed either for character/plot development. The angst was much needed and just added depth to the story. Both Hiroki and Seiji are really smart and think things out instead of causing unnecessary conflict. They have dynamic and are a challenge to each other but she n they start opening up to each other it was so heartwarming to see Seiji accept all of the Hiroki's faults. Truly a great fit for each other. Not to mention the smut was amazing. Hats off to the artist! All the drama led to such a satisfying climax too, I just wish I had more after stories featuring the two. This story was definitely worth it's price and a well written unique piece, I'm so glad I bought it!
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