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Yes there's a lot of smut but the pacing is lightning fast, so much that I thought half of the first chapter was a dream sequence until I realized it was actually happening. Got so bored that I couldn't even finish it even though I spent 400 points on it. Sad.
Super cute and sweet so far! Vague dub-con but nothing too horrible.
This is not really a romantic story, though it's about a marriage. The political plot was surface deep as was the marriage. A cute little read, but one to rent, rather than buy.
Hot hot hot! If you're looking for lighthearted pwp with fantastic art! Yes! This is the one for you!
The main story is really sweet and though it may have some initial dub-con, after the first scene it's all done with. The perfect mix of cute and sexy! The side story didn't do anything for me, but the main story was so good I didn't care.
Though the story is cute it's kinda weird **SPOILERS** seeing this gender swap change being permanent and the MC opting in mostly because of sexual pleasure and having the heterosexual relationship with the love interest.
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