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Beautifully drawn, but the heroine is becoming tiring with her low self esteem. Instead of becoming sympathetic, she feels pathetic. No chemistry between the leads.
This was a tricky one. Undeniably the ML treated the female horribly in the first 3 chapters and it felt hard to get passed that. He had his reasons being abandoned both by his parents and the one person that he loved and had been his anchor. But that cannot excuse him being abusive towards the FL his behavior in relationships. The FL lead seemed pathetic at first and there is also the fact that she did not consider his feelings at all when she rejected him and turned her back on him. What won me over was that there seemed to be real regret and character development, they both are really young still and the sex scenes very really well done and steamy. It was nice to see them both enjoy each other physically and also being steadfast in their emotions without the usual silly drama.
The art is alright and the plot has interesting elements. However the "romance" is not believable in any away. The lead verbally mistreats the heroine and she falls in love with him because he "saved" her? He buys her for the sole purpose of using her and she he final "redemptive" act rings untrue and forced. Harlequin often depicts the female leads in a terrible light, full of cliches and old fashioned, this is a prime example.
This is one of my favourite pieces together with My Secret with the Girl next door. It's surprisingly humorous with lovable characters that have chemistry that makes their interactions believable. It left me want for more, but at the same time I was grateful that it didn't drag on with unnecessary drama. Also, it's gorgeously drawn, both MC and FC being utterly gorgeous. I have reread it several times and cash duly recommend it!
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