Hana1519's Reviews & Ratings

Thumbs up. The plot is good and the art is nice. The female lead is a strict senior in the company and she was annoyed by the male lead incompetence in the beginning. Can't wait to read next chapter.
Oh my. This one is a bit tough. The female lead knowingly has an affair with her married boss. Then comes a second male lead who loves her despite knowing the affair. Now she has to choose between the two. I feel bad for the wife and I'm wondering what will happen next.
It's a sweet story. There were few misunderstandings in the beginning between male lead and female lead. I like the fact that the male lead never force himself on her. Hoping to find more stories like this.
The female lead works as a hostess and met the father. It was an instant liking and they ended up spending the night together. The first volume gave enough background of the story, especially the female lead background on liking older man. I do wonder what will happen and with whom she will end up with, considering the complicated situation she is in.
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