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Wow. My heart is going to burst. This is so sweet. Nearly brings me to tears. Love the art, it's steamy. Love the character development of the MC and coming to terms with who he is.
The art is beautiful and the story premise is interesting.
Absolutely adorable!!! Can't wait for more episodes!
Wow, I gave this a chance since it was on sale. I totally did not expect to get sucked in and read all the chapters in one sitting. This was incredibly heartwarming, there was mystery involved, and an overall lovely story. I'm blown away. There is not much smut but my heart was so touched I didn't mind at all.
This is the hottest and best yaoi on this site!! The sex scenes are mind blowing not to mention there is NO CENSORING!! A must buy for any fujoshi.
I absolutely loved this. The art was fantastic. I loved the dynamic of the small, young, adorable, but aggressive seme. And the clueless naive uke. The sex scenes were super hot. I'll cherish this one forever.
Just read the first chapter and I love it!! The art is gorgeous, not to mention how hot the new school gang leader is. I love how the new leader falls in love with the former one. Then kisses and teases his body. Can't wait to see how this relationship develops.
I really wasn't into this. It bothered me for a few reasons. 1. The seme has a fetish for soft penises and doesn't want the uke to get hard. I don't know how much the uke can enjoy sex in that state. Seems unfair. 2. The seme is also possessive and jealous despite not wanting to be in a relationship with the uke. 3. He uses the uke for his own fetish, only likes that one body part, doesn't care about the uke's pleasure or sees him as a person. He just came off like a huge jerk I didn't warm up to. I wasn't a fan of the uke and don't know why he put up with being treated like that. I thought the art was great and cute so gave this an extra star.
I really enjoyed this. The dominant, adorable, cross dressing seme was a breath of fresh air. The smut was super hot, however the feels were just as intense. Wonderful story I'll be reading over and over again.
This is AMAZING!!! So freaking sweet AND sexy as hell. You will love this, I promise. Very heartwarming story and the art is so cute. One if my faves on this site.
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