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I like the premise, the cuffs and Satsuli's affection for Koh but I wish there was more naughty scenes.
All the stars! The plot, the naughty, the evil villain (CEO). The ending was funny too.
I liked the concept and the way everyone fell into their roles. The plot was really spicy and poor 002 just couldn't catch a break. I just wish there was more. But as a oneshot it was good.
I liked the ending but now I want more.
Nipple play, sort of dubcon/noncon. Shin's vulnerability was adorable.
If I could give this 10 stars I would! It was hilarious and sexy at the same time. The naughty scenes were just what I've been missing. Love it! Bought the bundle and will reread again and again! Great work author and artist!
I love how things started with the incident and the way he's so protective and takes care of him. The sex scenes are good though I like to see the naughty bits but I think there's a law against that in Japan now? There was just enough outside conflict to keep things exciting as well. I like it!!
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