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A very wholesome slow-burn. Feels a tiny bit rushed in the last chapter but still overall very nice. Gorgeous art, too.
So this one starts out on a slight dubcon-y note (drunk forced kissing) and being awkward about it. I never would have guessed that the story develops to be so wholesome after that. The relationship progression really feels good and the MCs work through each other's flaws together.Bonus points for a really nice art style.
Beautiful art, slightly steamy. Love it so far.
Super cute MCs, consensual interactions, pretty art. What more could you want?
One of the greatest Yaoi manga on Renta! and one of the first titles I bought. While it's not your usual "Bang in the first chapter" the chemistry between the characters just makes you want more and more of this tender, consensual relationship.I wish there was more by this author on Renta!.
This needs more chapters! I really want to know how the story of this very cute and lovable couple continues.I read the first chapter on a whim when it was free on Renta! and found the art and concept quite alluring so I bought the rest of the available chapters. I really liked how it was told from the view of the male protagonist which I rarely every encountered in smutty hetero mangas.Turns out that I even get double for my money as in the later chapters there's even some yaoi action too, which makes this title all the better for me.Is green with previous posters though that the tag yaoi on this is misleading, especially if you only read the first chapter.
Surprisingly great, which I would never have expected from the cover which just looks mediocre. I got an ad for this title on a page and liked the black and white art style so much that I just had to buy it. The black and white art of this comic is just gorgeous and amazing which pairs nicely with a cute story with two charming protagonists.While there is some teasing, there are no inconsensual act of doing it in the first chapter just to get the readers engaged, just two cuties slowly falling for each other.
This story would have the best conditions for a great slow-burn... but instead wastes the potential on getting a quick bang. The "ending" was a bit unsatisfying as the story is trying to clean up all loose ends too fast. I like the art and as initially said the setting. I would love to see a more slow-paced story by this artist. The potential is there.
I really liked this manga. It's a very delicate and pure slow-burn and even features a black cat which is an instant win. The art style feels very unique which really adds to the charm.
This manga is simply great. I really enjoyed every bit of it, as it gets better with each chapter.Not only is the erotic content very hot, it also tells a believable love story which is rare in these types of manga.The only thing that felt kind of rushed was the ending. While it is an okay ending, it feels like some of the build-up throughout the series was just dismissed.However, despite this, it's still a full five stars.
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