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I'm always fascinated by stories of long term relationships or infidelity. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I think this story is not asking you to like the characters or approve of their actions. It's aiming to be a glimpse at a human situation that many people find themselves in and paint a picture about these characters mindsets. It's one possible answer to “why do people cheat?” I am very curious to see how this will play out. Fact is being with someone for 10 years, living together for 5, it's not so easy to just break up even if you're not happy. Rather than gaslighting as another reviewer put it, I think the new guy is making the main character face some hard truths. And ultimately her best course of action would be good communication with her boyfriend but that wouldn't make for as interesting a plot. Perhaps this will be a cautionary tale...
I'm obsessed with long term relationship stories lately. There's all sorts believe me, but this one was mostly pleasant. They have disagreements but nothing super triggering, no major drama aside from the journey of trying to communicate better. This is a portrait of a couple learning to compromise on the not so great qualities of their partner, in order to enjoy their best qualities that they fell in love with. Save deal breakers for the extreme stuff (cheating, dishonesty about important things), and learn to work around the smaller annoyances. Extremely relatable. The nerd references are endearing and funny.p.s. there is a sequel that is also really enjoyable if you like this vibe!
I guess firstly I'll just say my only complaint is about the timeline jumping around a lot and it got hard to follow sometimes. I prefer having text markers like “3rd year of college “ etc to help me keep track when jumping around. In this one they just have slightly different haircuts and it was tricky to keep track when some changes were abrupt. OVERALL THOUGH: this was so so good. Major long-term relationship energy. So many moments where I'm like omg that's me and my partner. Relatable and funny. I think I even teared up at some point too. This one is for the story not the smut. The same couple from the previous book are still being their typical selves, both with insecurities and annoyances, but ultimately can't imagine their lives without each other. We also get to see Haruhiko's coworker and his often absent boyfriend. They have an interesting vibe but they're a cute couple too. Both couples grapple with their future plans and how to show their commitment to each other.
I'm giving this comic the benefit of the doubt, since there's only 2 chapters so far and rating 5 stars. It might really be 4 or 4.5 but I'll say one thing for certain is I am pretty much pulled in and need to know how this ends up for better or for worse. Basically, despite the cute smiles on the cover, they run away because one guy is basically a fugitive. They distract themselves from reality by getting “physical” so there is some nice smut. My morbid curiosity means I will read the rest even if it's not any sort of happy ending.
I have read the 3 chapters released so far and I have to say this is realism at its finest. I have reread several times already and I just keep feeling it deeper. It's entirely believable scenario that can happen when you're in college. And the characters emotions and inner thoughts feel very authentic. The intimate moments have perfect pacing and again feel pretty realistic. Points for consensual and using protection. I think they're really sweet together but I can tell there will be a bit more heartache before we reach the end of this story. I can't wait for more chapters.
The plot is kind of messy, and the level of misunderstanding between the couple is getting annoying, but it's very sexy and I like the look of male lead character. The smutty scenes are pretty good I think.
I normally don't write reviews, but this story had me smiling so hard, I thought I should make a point to help others find it. The Arca Comics tag line “Love that makes your heart tremble” is 1000% true here. These 2 are so precious. Having read The Wolf in the Flower Shop also, I was expecting a similar sort of vibe, but this blew me away. The pacing is similar, not much action before the last chapter, but there is some and the kisses especially made me feel fluttery. Nana (the inexperienced) character has some really lovely character development. Still a cinnamon roll, but a more honest one lol. Akira's character development is a little lacking, but the moment where he “loses his cool” because of Nana is wonderful. This story makes me so happy. I've already reread it 4 times, since I got it a couple days ago. If you want something primarily fluffy, with sexy times that feel very naturally the storytelling, this is the comic for you.
This story was really cute. I wish it was longer and we could get more in depth with characters. I'd love to know what happens next!